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Maximise Income

We will check that our clients are in receipt of all the state benefits and pensions that they are entitled to; check they are on the correct tax code and discuss other methods to help them increase their household income.

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Minimise Outgoings

By switching providers for household bills such as electric, gas and broadband, we will assist our clients in minimising their monthly outgoings. We will also look at ways to reduce or remove non-essential spending where appropriate.

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Deal with Debt

Once we have assessed the client’s circumstances our advisers will discuss the full range of debt solutions available to suit their needs.

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Apply for benefits

Once a benefit check has been carried out we will assist with making a claim, helping our clients to understand the outcome and appealing the decision where appropriate.

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Budgeting Advice

Every client we deal with will be offered budgeting support to help them to avoid financial difficulties in future.

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Utility Checks

Our expert advisors will help our clients to see if they can make any savings on their household bills.

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Debt Advice

What should I do if I fall into debt?

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